A spiritually led, Native American, married with 4 sons, and who has no political-party preference.  He has successfully performed 26 years as a legal defense investigator, specializing in Civil, Family and Criminal law, to include sex trafficking and abduction of missing children.  He has passion for the People and focuses on understanding the “Why” of the problem to bring effective resolutions and results. He is committed to bringing parties together by voting on issues that are important to the voter, rather than loyalty to one party.

Cooper Stands For
    • All People

    • The Constitution of the United States

    • Equal liberty and Justice for all. 

    • Restoration of Pride in our County

    • Investing in the people

    • Quality education for all 

    • Programs

    • Financial Literacy

    • Art

    • Recreation

    • Elderly

    • Childcare

    • Pride in ownership, putting Independent back into Independence.  

    • Adequate benefits for all Veterans 

    • Criminal and Civil Justice System Reform

    • Revisit, review, update public policy.

    • Public Policy:  "Courses of action, regulatory measures, laws, and funding priorities concerning a given topic promulgated by a governmental entity or its representatives." Public policy is commonly embodied in "constitutions, legislative acts, and judicial decisions."

    • Criminal Rehabilitation

    • Commission on Judicial Performance

    • In Pro Per Litigants' Constitutional Rights

    • Attorney Mal-Practice Insurance

    • Wrongful Foreclosures

    • Housing

    • Homeless Crisis

    • Slumlords

    • Rent Control

    • Wages

    • Healthcare

    • Veteran Benefits

    • Education

    • LBGTQ Rights

    • Immigration Laws 

    • Gun Laws

    • Marijuana Regulations

    • Sex Trafficking

    • Child Abduction

    • Affordable Business Ownership

    • Outdated Public Policies...

Target Issues
Cooper's Message
    • Family First

    • Responsibility, Accountability, and Consequences

    • Neither a Person or a Government should dictate the value of an individual's worth.

    • No One is Above the Law

    • Facts rather than Assumptions

    • Results and Solutions are what matter.

    • Politics should not be a career, making a difference for the betterment of the people, SHOULD BE!!!

Otis L. Cooper

Legal Defense Investigator